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What is the Cost of Xebec Products?

Xebec products are sold through industrial distributors that can help ensure that you gain the most value possible from our products. While your price is determined by your chosen distributor, Xebec products are usually sold at list price.

Similar to cutting tools, there are several considerations when determining the TOTAL COST of Xebec products. Many of these can be found here:

Considerations to Help You Determine the Best Deburring Process for Your Application

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While there are options with lower initial purchase prices than Xebec, our experience is that none can achieve the same levels of productivity, quality and total cost savings. Automating the deburring process delivers benefits in ways that you may not have considered before witnessing Xebec in action.

One of the prime elements necessary to determine total cost is the number of parts you can produce with each Xebec tool (Tool life).

Continue below for examples from actual Xebec users.

Grinding Power Graph

Real Cost Savings Examples

Moving from Manual Deburring Process to Automated Process with Xebec Brush™ Surface. Check out this amazing cost savings example from the firearms industry. Our customer was manually deburring the two parts shown in the charts. By switching to an automated process, utilizing a Xebec ceramic fiber surface brush, they realized an estimated savings of over $275k per year. In addition to cost savings, part quality and consistency are greatly improved with the Xebec Brush. Open the Complete Report below for all the details:

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Grinding Power Consistency Graph

Higher Quality Might Have Higher Initial Costs - But it Adds Up to Savings

Some Xebec products such as Surface Brushes and Back Burr Cutters and Path require an initial purchase in order to first use the consumable Xebec product. For example, a sleeve is required to hold the surface brush but it can be used over and over. The purchase of the programming Path for the Back Burr Cutter ensures you obtain optimal quality and tool life. Learn more from the “How To Use” section in the product detail.

How to Use
Grinding Power Consistency Graph

List Price Guide

Following is our list price guide. We would be glad to assist you in identifying an authorized Xebec distributor(s) who can provide you with an actual quotation. All products are stocked in Ohio.

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Safety Warning

Cutting fiber brushes and stones are cutting tools and are often rotated at high speeds with a power tool or in a machine tool. They should never be operated at higher than the maximum speeds listed. When using these tools, safety glasses and gloves should be worn. Breathing the dust created by using these products for prolonged periods of time should be avoided.