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Innovative products for a wide range of manufacturing processes & products that decrease your processing time and increase your throughput.

Improving Quality

Xebec products safely achieve outstanding repeatable part quality to meet the most demanding industry standards.

Reducing Costs

Longer tool life, faster processes and lower scrap levels equals the greatest value resulting in a lower cost per piece produced.

The Xebec Difference

What makes XEBEC® products so unique?
Xebec Technology’s ceramic fiber products utilize a unique, patented process to produce brushes, sticks and stones that significantly outperform other technologies. The back burr cutter and path incorporate a unique cutting tool geometry with a customized path program to maximize cutting efficiency and tool life.

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Characteristics and Features

The Xebec Difference
What makes Xebec Products so unique?

How Do I Know Which Deburring Method is Right for My Application?

Refer to this comparison overview

Compare Deburring Methods
Comparing Deburring methods

Xebec Blows Away Nylon Brushes

Watch how Xebec Cutting Fiber performs against a Nylon Impregnated brush

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Back Burr Cutter Speed Demonstration

Learn how much faster Xebec Back Burr Cutter with Xebec Path is than other cutting tools

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Target Markets

Our focus is identifying and offering value added deburring and surface finishing solutions for machined parts. We have demonstrated particular success in the following market segments as well as other machined parts.

Successful deburring of Aerospace parts in cnc machines. Burr removal of blades or actuation systems. Aircraft landing gear and fuel system partd. Finishing for engine and structural components.


Surface deburring of machined parts in the Powertrain and transmission manufacturing industries. Finishing cylinder blocks, head covers, and crankshafts. Cutter mark removal on camshafts and fuel injection systems following machine processing. Polishing connecting rods and other automotive and engine parts.


Automated deburring of Firearms parts. Manufacturing and finishing rifle slides, barrels and triggers. Polishing handgun frames or revolver hammers and cylinders.


Deburring and finishing Medical parts such as artificial knees, hips or shoulders and orthodontic dental parts. Finishing medically safe alloys like cobalt chrome tibia trays. Robotic polishing of threaded bone screws and spinal implants.


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Successful Applications

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Product Selection Guide

Information to help select the right product for your deburring and surface finishing needs.

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Highlighting features, process conditions, product maintenance, guaranteed test policy, FAQs and more

Product Selection Guide
How to select the right Xebec product for your application

What is the Cost of Xebec Products?

Total Cost considerations, expected Xebec product life, List Price file

Cost Determination Guide
How to determine the total cost of a chosen deburring method.

Have Technical Questions?

Get technical info including 3D files (STEP, DXF) product prints, starting operating parameters, safety instructions and more.

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Answers to Xebec's Most Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers for the most common questions about Xebec products from Senior Application Specialist Dave Sawicki.

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Safety Warning

Cutting fiber brushes and stones are cutting tools and are often rotated at high speeds with a power tool or in a machine tool. They should never be operated at higher than the maximum speeds listed. When using these tools, safety glasses and gloves should be worn. Breathing the dust created by using these products for prolonged periods of time should be avoided.